I have lots of feelings about auto-tune, most of which are not warm and fuzzy, mainly due to the (irrational and possibly a bit harsh) standards I hold music to (and no, I don’t actually make music, I’m just wildly talented at being critical and judgemental). 

I would never say that someone’s contribution to music isn’t worthwhile because I fundamentally believe that any addition to the wide world of music always is positive in some way, even if it’s just to push the limit of our understanding.

BUT, musicians who use auto-tune without creativity and instead to modify or disguise their actual singing capabilities make me cringe. As with PDA and drug use, there is a time a place, so maybe use your best judgement or just don’t do it at all. 

Tom Ewing is a much more diplomatic/forgiving/appreciative person. 

The music y’all making

Gonna make it the Great Depression